The author

This blog is maintained and owned by me, Joep Piscaer.

I am a technologist with team building skills. I like all things infrastructure (cloud, storage, virtualization), but really shine when it comes to DevOps and Infra-as-Code.

Once a virtualization and storage consultant, I built IaaS-platforms, created an army of Community Managers, built, led and developed a team of technical architects.

The Job

Currently, I’m building the Jumbo Tech Campus. Jumbo is the second biggest supermarket in the Netherlands and the fastest growing online supermarket of the Netherlands. As the Technical Pathfinder, I am is responsible for the DevOps way-of-work, tooling, cloud and open source strategy of the Tech Campus, the e-commerce software development house of Jumbo.

The opinions and views expressed on this blog are strictly my own. They do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of my employer, nor does my employer have any control over this blog.

The Community

Besides my day-time job, I like to hang around various (online) communities. I run my own blog, speak at industry events, and I’m a frequent delegate for TechFieldDay events. I run the NLVMUG and organize the yearly UserCon (the biggest one world-wide). I write technical content (whitepapers, blog posts), do webinars and sit in on panels.