I’ll be speaking at SpiceWorks’ All Access conference in Amsterdam on June 28th!

About SpiceWorks and All Access

SpiceWorks is a big online community for IT Pros and provides technical forums for advice, learning, product reviews and tools for inventory, monitor and troubleshooting.

All Access is a single day unconference with community speakers, technical content and lots of networking over a pint. If you want to attend, you can register here. Check the entire agenda.

About my session

In my new role as a technical pathfinder at Jumbo, I spend a lot of time figuring out what we need to change in terms of infrastructure to be more Agile. This got me thinking about inertia, and specifically, what makes lots of things in IT so inert. Coincidentally, this is (albeit worded differently) what much of the DevOps movement is about. Read up on the Three Ways if you’re wondering what I mean.

Turns out: a lot of things in the infrastructure space make it inert. The whole thing naturally inclines to oppose change, and for simple reasons: change costs a lot of resources in terms of money, time and people. It’s not even a technical or organizational problem, per se. It’s just that something that is, doesn’t want to change: just think about a piece of software that needs an upgrade: it’s really so much simpler to leave the software be instead of upgrading. Coincidentally, this is where technical debt comes from.

In this session, I’ll dive into the context of DevOps and tell the story on what I see as two major factors in changing that inertia: Public Cloud and Open Source software.

In preparation of this event, I was interviewed by David Fanning of SpiceWorks to look at a solution for the inertia problem from a cultural and geographical perspective:

That means most IT workers are quite happy to use software that is in English; perhaps that gives us a head start on some other places. Our infrastructure is fantastic, so it’s an attractive destination for international tech firms. Of course, our favorable tax policies are also a factor.
Joep Piscaer, Technical Pathfinder at Jumbo

Read up on the whole piece here: Snapshot Europe: Building a digital single market.