For the 2nd time, I’ll be attending a full Tech Field Day event. It’ll be Tech Field Day 10. This is a fantastic honor!

tl;dr Awesome event where seven cool vendors present to a kick-ass panel. Watch Livestream and comment via hashtag.

A little history

I first met the TFD-crew and the concept in during VMworld 2012, when I was invited to spend the day with presentations from Veeam and Nutanix. I attended an ‘TFD Extra’ event, as these smaller events during large industry conferences are called, again during VMworld 2013, 2014 and 2015.


In November 2013, however, I got to experience a full Tech Field Day, Storage Field Day 4, and wrote about CloudByte and Nimble (twice).

This coming February, right after Tech.Unplugged, I’ll be joining Stephen, Tom and the other delegates for Tech Field Day 10 in Austin, TX.

Who’s going to present?


It’s a nice mix of known and unknown vendors! I know most of these vendors and have a rough idea what they’ll present on. There’s two big ‘known unknowns’ for me: Caringo and Dell.

I really don’t know Caringo at all, so they might be able to totally surprise me! And Dell, being such a big company, I just don’t know what product or product line they’ll be talking about.

Who’s attending?

I mentioned the word ‘delegate’ before. This is the specific jargon for ‘event atendee’ and has certain expectations in my book:

  1. Be a known blogger, analyst or influencer in good standing
  2. Be articulate to engage, interact, ask questions and seek clarification during the sponsor presentations.
  3. Have a platform where you engage and interact with peers and the live stream audience to further engage the presenting sponsor
  4. If you so choose, publish an article based on what you heard during the presentation, either from the presenting company, the audience or your own thoughts on the matter. This publication will feature  your own content, not forcibly reviewed by the presenting sponsor , TechFieldDay or Gestalt IT.

To me, the crew and senior delegates behind the Tech Field Day concept are awesome in bringing together these delegates, who will be entering a whole new community that is unique in its nature. It’s a top-notch, very diverse community, which I’m happy to be part of.


The panel for this event is not unknown to me: fellow NLVMUG Leader Arjan Timmerman, fellow Tech.Unplugged presenters Chris Evans and Nigel Poulton, Tech.Unplugged organizer Enrico Signoretti, and some delegates I met during other events Justin WarrenRay Lucchesi and Theresa Miller are all there. Luckily, there’s some new folks to meet as well: Josh LuedemanKaren LopezLarry SmithMatthew Leib. I’m very excited to meet these old and new friends!

Join us!

Like I mentioned, there’s going to be lot’s of interaction with the Twitterfolk using the #TFD10 hashtag. Follow the entire group using this Twitter List. Lastly, Ben and his team from PrimeImage Media will be livestreaming the event for you to follow here.