I am very pleased to announce that I’ll once again be part of the fantastic Tech Field Day event series during VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. I have previously participated in Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2013 and Storage Field Day 4, and this month I’ll attend the Extra at VMworld US 2014, too. These events are very interesting for me as a delegate, because I can directly interact with the top technical dogs from the presenting companies and really dive into and discuss vision and technology with my fellow delegates and the community.

Tech Field Day, reinvented?

As you might have noticed, the Tech Field Day events at larger industry events have been re-branded and restructured. I, for one, am glad to see these changes and I think they will change the event for the better. One of the bigger adjustments is that Stephen, Tom and Claire are keeping the panel of delegates together during multiple presentations and dinner. This gives us a better chance of bonding and a better chance of in-depth discussion among the group. By keeping the number of delegates per day down to a more sizeable 6-8 people, there’s also more space for the delegates to have an impact on the group and on discussions during the presentations. Since it’s very much about the delegates representing the community during these events, I very much welcome this change!

You’ll notice that there are fewer delegates around the table.  That’s because we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to add their thoughts to the discussion.  It’s also because we felt that a smaller group would be more likely to bond as a community, and you told us that was one of the best parts of Tech Field Day.
— Stephen Foskett

TFD Extra on Wednesday

I’m very curious what EMC, Infinio and Nuage Networks have in store for us on Wednesday. I’m already familiar with EMC and Infinio as a company and with their product offerings, but I’m sure these rock stars will bring something new and exciting to the table. As for Nuage, I still have some homework to do.
I will blog about these three companies during the week of VMworld, and I’ll try to include their VMworld coverage, too (with a thank you to Hans for the idea).

Now, the downside for me is that I won’t attend every single day of the Tech Field Day Extra event, and that means I’ll miss a couple of cool companies presenting. In particular, the Super Secret Awesomesauce Company has me so excited that I want to shout it off the rooftops, but I’m afraid I can’t, at least not just yet. Check back on the 19th of August, and you might be in for a very cool surprise. I will try to catch the live stream or check the presentation after the VMworld storm has settled down again. I will certainly cover them in a future blog post!

Submit your question and win #Hyper-VCDX stickers!

For those of you who don’t know #Hyper-VCDX: it’s completely made up. It’s confusing. It’s a bit insulting (to some). It’s funny (to the rest). It’s stickers. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s a volatile mixture of rivalry brands, logos and text:


And you can win some! Ping me on Twitter and use the hashtag #evmwu14 to submit your question for one of the presenting companies. I’ll make sure you get a sticker via snail mail or sometime during VMworld in San Francisco or Barcelona. And don’t worry, I’ll bring enough stickers for everyone.

Delegates, delegates, delegates

I look forward meeting some of my old (TFD) friends, Chris WahlEnrico SignorettiEric WrightHans De Leenheer and Shane Williford and Stephen Beaver again.

Of course, hanging out together shouldn’t be limited to just the presentations. The whole group is going on a #TFDPartyCrawl together on Monday evening and maybe other days. And what’s a Party Crawl without the Tech Field Day Limo?

I’m also excited to introduce my good friend and coworker, Robbert Erents, to this party. I have high expectations of his participation, and I encourage you to follow him on Twitter and read his pre-experience blog post.

As VMworld is getting closer, hit me up on Twitter (@jpiscaer) and follow the event’s Twitter hashtag, #evmwu14 to view our take on the presentations from the comfort of your own chair (or wherever you might be).

Come chat with us on IRC

If you want to have a more in-depth discussion, everyone is welcome to join in on IRC (irc://irc.klauwd.com/evmwu14), where Robbert and I, and maybe others, will hang around during the event.

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