It’s great to have the deadpan joke directly in the title, so we got it out of the way and we can focus on what’s new with Infinio.


I’ve blogged about Infinio in the past (with similarly pun-intended titles, such as To Infinio and beyond! and Infinio Accelerator: downloadable storage performance (but not quite yet)), and have some hands-on experience with the product. Like other vendors in the server-side caching and I/O acceleration space, the solution is very transparently installed and managed. For Infinio, this is a strong focus, as their solution will install and de-install without any impact on production at all. From an architecture standpoint, this usually means that the solution aligns very closely to existing integration points and methods. In Infinio’s case, they integrate into the vSphere platform using a standard virtual appliance per host, and some basic networking stuff to put that appliance in I/O’s way to optimize, cache and optimize.

Or, as Infinio themselves put it:

Infinio Accelerator was created to help virtualization administrators scale storage performance to support growing virtualized enterprise applications and desktops, without the traditionally associated expensive upgrades to storage hardware. A software-only solution, Infinio requires no new hardware and is operationally transparent.

Version 2.0

This week, at VMworld, Infinio has announced their version 2.0 product. In a nutshell, the new features are:

  • Extended protocol support in addition to NFS, which was the protocol of choice in v1.0, Infinio will also include full support for FC, iSCSI, FCoE and any combination of those protocols for multi-protocol support.
  • Application-level granularity for monitoring and reporting In v2.0, they’ve added the ability to monitor and report on a minute-to-minute per-application view of storage performance to identify latency and performance spikes.
  • Cache Advisor for right-sizing of memory resources The appliance is configured to use 8GB of vRAM in a default setup. With the new Cache Advisor, this amount of memory can be right-sized based on actual production characteristics to optimize the cache hit rate vs. the amount of vRAM per appliance.
  • Improvements in the VDI space The cache logic has been further tuned with better heuristics and algorithms to better support VDI workloads.

My take on the new features

For me, the extended protocol support and the Cache Advisor are two features that really stand out, and will help Infinio to give better results in more heterogeneous environments, with different storage protocols and different host configurations. I will spin up the v2.0 beta in the lab as soon as it comes available later this year for a more technical deep dive on these new features.

Infinio at Tech Field Day Extra

I’ll be getting a deeper look at the underlying architecture and more details on the v2.0 launch during the Tech Field Day Extra event this Wednesday. I’ll blog and live-tweet more details during their presentation. Tune in to the live stream or follow the #tfdx hashtag on Twitter to get the inside info!