In the pre-VMworld buzz, it’s not hard to forget other virtualization-related conferences. VeeamON, however, is a new kid on the block, and I have high expectations for this conference.

Why attend VeeamON?

I tend to choose to attend conferences based on the ‘community’ aspect of the conference. Does the event attract a big virtualization community, does it have community events and gatherings (parties, white boarding sessions, blogger space, stuff like vBrownBag and of course User Group meetings)? We all know and love VMworld for this, and it’ll be exciting to see how VeeamON will do this come October.

Community matters!

icon_usergroupThe reason I rely heavily on this community aspect is simply because the community is capable of delivering amazing content and depth into a subject, sometimes even more so than the vendor themselves. These guys come across the weirdest, coolest and most innovative software implementations; I know I certainly have. And it’s always good fun sharing those stories, lessons learned and best practices with the rest of the community. Being able to do so in an environment that is welcoming of the tech community will make that experience even better, and I strongly believe that such an environment enables the community to bring even cooler and more innovative stories to the table in the long run. I applaud vendors, like Veeam and VMware, for supporting the community the way they do. Thank you!

Community Content

icon_track_techFrom the conference content speak peek, I see a great deal of community-driven content. The Veeam User Group will hold a meeting on Sunday and I see various community-driven break-out sessions on the list. There’s always a fair share of what’s newbest practice and deep dive sessions, but I think VeeamON really shines in their community-led customer stories.

Specifically, I’d like to draw your attention to one customer story that’s very dear to me. The session is called Using Veeam B&R in an IaaS-environment with vCAC, Nutanix and NSX

In 2014, Joep and Robbert designed and implemented an IaaS-environment using a stretched Nutanix and vSphere cluster, vCloud Automation Center, VMware NSX and Veeam Backup & Replication. In this session, you’ll learn how Veeam plays a big part in the DR strategy for this environment. We will share specifics about multi-tenancy, integration with vCAC, the dependency on NSX and much more!

  • Learn how to implement Veeam Backup & Replication in a multi-site, multi-tenant deployment.
  • Get real life, tested and proven best practices for using Veeam Backup & Replication with a Nutanix infrastructure.
  • See how we integrate into vCloud Automation Center
  • Discover the caveats of NSX when backing up and restoring tenant VMs

Yay, that’s my session! Now, I must be frank and tell you that this session hasn’t been confirmed yet; it’s only a proposal as of yet. I’m really hoping the session will get accepted, since I’m really excited about this project, and I’ve got a lot to share with you :-).


icon-certAlso, training & certification has been put in the spotlight. There’s a discounted three-day Veeam Certified Engineer training, co-delivered by Rasmus Haslund. I’m pretty excited about this, since I’ve been wanting to attend the training and take the exam, but haven’t found the time yet. I won’t get to do so during VeeamON either, but at least I’m able to get an impression of the training and see what I’m up against.

Hands-on Labs

icon-labsVeeam just keeps ticking my boxes here. I think Luca or some of the other cool Veeam guys have a secret remote back-door into my mind or something. Whatever the case, Veeam is offering Hands-on Labs with a twist: Lab Warz. It should be fun competing for the grand prize with all those sore losers my peers and learn some new stuff along the way. I’m assuming they’re going to put in a ton of Veeam Availability Suite v8 stuff in there, so I’m definitely going to check this out.

Show off your skills and compete in hands-on lab exercises to win! The Lab Warz competition is based on your knowledge of Veeam technologies and best practices! Take the Veeam Lab Warz challenge and compete with your peers.

Show Floor

icon_track_partnerNot much detail has been released about the show floor, yet. I’m wondering if Veeam will attract a big ecosystem around their event. From the looks of it, many different vendors can justify their presence, as Veeam has broad integration into other parts of the IT stack, and I expect to see network and WAN optimizers, virtualization management vendors, hypervisor vendors and a lot of storage vendors there. I do hope all vendors present will adapt Veeam’s prize giveaway extravaganza :-)


14178552591_c24a91635a_mAnd finally, who doesn’t remember their first Veeam Party? I had my inauguration during VMworld 2009 on a boat in Cannes, and the party was just awesome :-). I expect nothing less from the party during VeeamON, and in fact, I expect more, since Veeam is running the show.

Be sure to follow Veeam (and the usual suspects, Doug, Rick and Luca) to stay up to date on the party details!

More information & Registration

Now I’ve convinced you to join me at VeeamON, I recommend you to visit the official VeeamON page for more information and registration.