A while back, I had the idea to combine the two terms Hyper-V and VCDX into Hyper-VCDX. Why? I thought the confusion it creates is rather funny. Because I can, is basically the best argument I have.

I expanded on the original idea by smashing the company logo’s together and make stickers out of it.

As you can see, the layout of the text Hyper-VCDX is identical to the Microsoft logo: identical font, and color. I also layered the VCDX logo on top of the Microsoft squares logo for added confusion.

This volatile mixture of rivalry brands, logos and text caused a couple of serious reactions on Twitter (conversion here), but please be assured it’s nothing serious. There’s no hidden message, not even if you play it in reverse or anything like that. It doesn’t even change the way I feel about either Microsoft’s or VMware’s products and offerings. These stickers are technically not even legal, since I’m misusing company brands and logo’s, but here’s to hoping both companies don’t mind a joke.

I did order 500 stickers, and I’ll be bringing them to events I’m attending, starting with VMware Partner Exchange in San Francisco in February. Ping me on Twitter if you want one to spruce up your laptop/tablet/phone or want to troll a coworker. I know I did:

Adnan Hendricks, Microsoft Windows Expert-IT Pro MVP, proudly showing his #Hyper-VCDX sticker
2014-01-24 15.50.45