I’ve been running a development build of VMware Horizon Mobile on my Samsung Galaxy S3 since VMworld Barcelona. I have finally found some time to capture some videos and screenshots of the Android-on-Android virtual machine. Please be aware that this is a highly experimental version of the product. Starting December 10th, the Horizon Mobile team is offering an evaluation version through Softbank. I have the Horizon Mobile server-side appliance running already, but I’m waiting for some licenses to get started. As soon as I have those, I will post a walk-through of the appliance along with the new version of the bits running on the phone.

For now, feast your eyes on Horizon Mobile running in stand-alone mode:

Booting VMware Switch on my device, demonstration of the two ways of switching between Android instances; walk-through of the Guest Settings (including ‘About’, the VMware-specific version of SwiftKey, the virtualized SD-card, licensing and version info with a reference to ‘VMware Corporate Workspace 1.1’) and finally powering off the VM.

A walk-through of the VMware Switch Settings App called ‘VMware Development VM’

A short overview of the apps installed on the host Android, including App Info and some details about the host (‘About Device’).


And finally, a gallery of different screenshots captured:


In a later post, I will showcase the Horizon Mobile server-side appliance and the new version of the android bits. At this moment, I cannot register the VMware Switch to the appliance.