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This is a very, very good deal. Especially with a 16GB RAM upgrade (yes, the N40L can handle it!) costing you no more than € 100. Just add any SSD, and you’ve got a roaring machine that’ll fit perfectly into your home: it’s a quiet machine and won’t draw a significant amount of power. And since it’s a small machine you can tuck away under a desk, it has the seal of approval from my girlfriend.

I have just upgraded my N40L with a 16GB kit from Patriot (PGD316G1333ELK) and a OCZ SSD. I can confirm this Patriot kit works flawlessly on the N40L!

One pre-cautionary tip though: in this thread I read “I set parity checking to ‘enabled’ and the box recognized both sticks. Then I set parity checking back to ‘auto’ since it wouldn’t make sense to use parity checking with this memory, and both sticks were still recognized in both BIOS and OS“. So please make sure to set ‘parity checking’ to enabled or auto.
Also, you might want to consider flashing the BIOS with a modified version. That will enable AHCI for the fifth (in the 5.25″ optical drive bay) and sixth (eSATA) SATA ports. Check out the details here.

Check out these screenshots for some more info: