So a while ago I promised to give away some books to my readers to enjoy instead of having the books collect dust on my analog book shelf.

I found new homes for the following books:

Sadly, no-one wanted this one: (you can still get it from me!)

And the winners are…

All winners have been notified and have received their books already!

  • Adam Robinson from the United States
  • Kees Koekkoek from the Netherlands
  • Sjors Robroek from the Netherlands
  • Igor Wormsbecher from the Netherlands

Igor was so kind to e-mail me this picture:

Sjors left a pic in the comments below: “directly on top of the “to read” pile, hopefully in preparation of vcap5

I hope the others will e-mail (or post a pic in the comments), too!

I’d like to wish these guys a lot of fun reading these books and learning from them, just as I did.


I also want to thank Mike Laverick, Cody Bunch, Duncan Epping, Frank DennemanForbes Guthrie, Scott Lowe and Maish Saidel-Keesing for writing these awesome books. Thanks guys!