I was cleaning out my bookshelf the other day, and noticed I have a few hard copies of books for which I also own the digital version. I usually read books on my iPad, so it really is a shame that all these nice and shiny books remain unused.

I figured, why not just give them to you?



The giveaway is really simple. Just subscribe to my RSS-feed (use this button: ) and leave a comment below. Make sure the comment contains the name of the book you’d like to win and your name. That’s it. Nothing else. You could buy my a ‘new iPad’ or the new Apple TV, obviously, but that won’t increase your chances of winning.

Everyone can enter the giveaway (starting now!), just make sure you enter a valid e-mail address in the comments field. I will of course never sell, give away or do anything else with your contact details other than publish the names of those who won and contact you to get the details needed to ship the books. I solemnly promise to shift-delete your records after you’ve received your prize. Scouts’ Honor.

The contest will close March 20th, 20:00 CET (GMT+1). I will contact the winners at that time; Winners must respond by March 22th, 20:00 CET (GMT+1) or the prize is forfeited.

The winners will be chosen at random using the random.org ‘True Random Number Service‘. The numbers entered are the internal comment identifiers automatically assigned to your comment by the WordPress framework.