I just received an update from my assigned HP support engineer:

I got some info from VMware, the latest on the Problem Report is that engineering are currently testing a fix for the issue. Once complete there will be a patch available for the issue. At the moment VMware cannot give a time line of when the patch will be available. From looking at the SR attached to the bug the issue only impacts ESXi images. Both installable and embedded had encountered the issue.
I’m handling another case where the issue is reported with the vanilla version. So till the time the patch is released we need to use the workaround specified.

I can confirm that this bug is present on all versions of ESXi (vanilla, vendor customized images, installable and embedded versions) and on different storage platforms (local SAS RAID, SD-card). I don’t know exactly which versions of ESXi are affected, but I believe that version 4.1 and 4.1 Update 1 are affected.

Disabling both sfcbd-watchdog and sfcbd on the ESXi-host seems to be the only work-around available, and is confirmed to eliminate the problem of the disappearing symbolic links.