In a couple of days, the sixth Dutch VMUG Event will be held at Nieuwegein’s Business Centre. On December 10th, over 700 attendees will get the chance to meet ‘n’ greet with Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman (but only if you have a good question on VMware HA and/or DRS), see well-known bloggers like Eric Sloof, Gabrie van Zanten and Alan Renouf present a technical session (see the session list here), see what my friends over at Veeam (who are sponsoring both the event and this humble blog) mean when they shout ‘vPower’ and enjoy a day packed with VMware goodness.

Besides the four session tracks (with a whopping 20 sessions total), you can register for workshops by Quest, Veeam and XTG on various topics. If that’s not your thing, why not meet some of the Dutch VMUG Bloggers, or chat up a member of VMware’s PSO team?

No matter what, you should stick around for the reception at the end of the day. Besides a good chance of winning an iPad, you might even bump into a fellow-VMUG-member you don’t recognize until he calls out his VMUG forum name.