I just attended DV7701 – Embracing Employee-Owned Mobile Phones – The Why and How. I was expecting to see VMware’s type-1 hypervisor (developed by Trango), but I was surprised to see a type-2 hypervisor based on Linux kernel modules in the Android kernel. The virtualization stack is thus completely part of the standard kernel. To optimize resource usage, the ‘personal’ apps run natively on the device, whilst the corporate image is loaded as a virtual machine.

As far as I can tell, VMware’s decided to postpone the type-1 hypervisor because they found it very difficult to get all required partners (OEMs, softwaremakers, chipsetmanufacturers, etc) pointing the same direction. Instead, they chose the easier path in making the type-2 hypervisor. At this point, they have a very functional platform, but it seems the only support Android. As market demand increases, they’ll add support for other devices and operating systems.