I just started my copy of VMware Workstation for some vESX testing, and was greeted by this nice message:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using the current beta license key, you will want to enter the following license key in VMware Workstation via the Help -> Enter License Key menu: M148Z-H010J-H8T8C-0JAUK-ADM4C  (expires on July 15, 2010).
Key improvements since the VMware Workstation 7.1 Beta include:
• Graphics Get Faster: Improved performance and better compatibility for both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 3D apps
• OVFTool 2: New version of the OVF Tool to import and export OVF packaged virtual machines and upload to vSphere
• Memory Management:  New UI to handle increased virtual memory capacity
• New Guests: Support for Ubuntu 10.04 and RHEL 5.5 added
• Reported Issues: This release candidate also address many of the issues reported via the forums
See the VMware Workstation release notes for more details.
You should try it for yourself, get it here! Here’s a guide to disable debug mode if you’re bugged by it (like me)… By the way, how cool is it this auto-updater in the new versions of Workstation!