I’ve been preparing for the Design exam portion of VCDX for the last couple of days. Tomorrow is D-day for me! Meanwhile, some tweeps asked my what materials I used to prepare. Well, here you go:

Obviously, use the VMware VCDX Community Documents and the VCDX Design Exam Blueprint. I’ve read ‘Mastering vSphere 4’ by Scott Lowe, which is a nice addition on some of the details on vSphere. Only read if you’ve got the time, it weighs in at a hefty 700 pages.

The absolutely most valuable resources for me were:

Also, these were nice to read:

The usual linkage on the blogs show some other useful documents, too:

As I’m a bit rusty on iSCSI, I’ve read up on those as well. Remember that the VCDX Design exam is on VI3.5, not vSphere, so these might not apply!

Specifically, I was also interested in the way Dell/EQL handles iSCSI