While tinkering around with the new NetApp System Manager 1.0.1, I found something that could be considered a bug. I’m connecting the manager to a FAS2020 with the most recent ONTAP version (7.3.2), and needed to set up some (temporary) virtual IP’s and DNS-names. For this last item, I edited the filer’s hostfile using NetApp System Manager:

01 NSM - hosts

While scrolling through the syslog, I noticed an error statement about the hosts file:

02 NSM - hostfileerror

03 FASCLI - hostserror

After a reboot, I saw all kinds of error scroll by, basically saying the hosts file was broken and the hostname of the filer could not be read. This means that the filer won’t boot up properly. This means it won’t present any storage services like CIFS, NFS and iSCSI to clients. I need to reset the hostname trough the console, for which I have not found any usable method yet. The usual command, ‘hostname’, won’t budge, it gives the following error:

04 FASCLI - nohostname

05 FASCLI - hostname

I confirmed this bug on both the FAS2020 and the NetApp Simulator (7.3.1). I can only assume this is a major bug in the NetApp System Manager 1.0.1…


After consulting NetApp support, I figured out how to fix this error on the filer: just re-run setup from the console. In my case, all the pre-entered values such as network settings were recognized and used in the wizard, I only had to fill the hostname in again.