As I was Googling for an updated version of the APC PCNS Agent for ESX, I stumbled upon this forumtopic:

PowerChute Network Shutdown for ESX and ESXi 4, part number SSPCNSV, is out and on our web site here . The downloadable version is SEPCNSV found here.

So there finally is a version specifically for VMware ESX and ESXi! Hooray! The downside is, you need to grab your checkbook to get the bits, as the software is 99 USD per physical host…

To install the PCNS on ESXi, you’ll need the following:

  • VMware vMA (dedicated to the PCNS Agent);
  • DRS and HA are supported;
  • Manual VMotion isn’t supported;
  • Every guest needs to have the VMware Tools installed.

I can only assume that having the VMware Tools as a requirement will gracefully shut down all running VM’s when the PCNS is triggered. That’s an added bonus!

Check out this page for more documentation. Please refer to VM /ETC for more documentation.