After reading up on my RSS feeds, I stumbled upon something really cool. Apparently, VMware will release a free web management service portal for VMware ESXi called ‘Go’.

Simon, over at TechHead, was one of the first to blog about it, although he’s using the old VMware logo (see what Eric Gray has to say about that):

Today VMware announced the beta release of a new service aimed at the SMB market making it easier for these companies to adopt and move to a virtualized server environment.  This new offering is called ‘VMware Go’ and although currently in beta is predicted to go live in Q4 2009.

VMware Go will provide an easy to use web based front end  to deploy ESXi which will ensure the process of installing ESXi is a straight forward and hassle free experience.  This easy to use web interface will greatly assist even VMware Go ESXi those with limited virtualization knowledge to get VMware ESXi up and running in no time.

“VMware Go™ is the latest innovation we’ve brought to market as part of our ongoing commitment to helping SMB customers run their applications with more agility, profitability, and resilience,” said Dan Chu, vice president of emerging products and markets at VMware.

So why not head on over to the ‘VMware Go’ page at to find out more and sign up for the beta? Or check out the VMware Go Community Page here which includes an overview video.

Besides Simon,the guys at as well as have an article about Go, you should check them out!