You might have noticed some downtime of my blog yesterday. Despite efforts to minimize the downtime, Virtual Lifestyle went dark for over five hours. Due to some setbacks in the upgrade process, I needed to test the different scenarios all over while the physical box was down, to make sure that the VM’s that were on a local VMFS RAID-set weren’t destroyed by using the UDA to install the box.

Instead of running VMware ESXi 3.5u3, this machine is now running VMware ESX 4 (build 164009). This should improve the performance and availability of Virtual Lifestyle greatly. Besides the change of hypervisor, the virtual machine running the website will get a pvSCSI adapter to further improve performance. Of course, the virtual hardware has been upgraded to version 7.

Lastly, the hardware got an upgrade too. The dual core Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 has been replaced by an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. As the host is running up to 15 VM’s simultaneously, the two extra cores are more than welcome.

All in all, the VM’s on this host should see a significant upgrade in performance by a simple upgrade of both hardware as wel as software.