On the 19th of June, the Dutch VMUG held a meeting at Sun Microsystems. This session was all about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, as seen by Sun. Topics included the Sun VDI product, including the array of tools and Thin Clients of Sun Ray. We enjoyed listening to Jaap Romers, Sander van der Post and Mike Jansen. Also, Viktor van den Berg, the Dutch VMUG Leader was present to make sure everything went smooth.

The biggest announcement was of course the VMUG’er of the Week.  According to Viktor, this is the first time the title is used, and will most likely be the only time as well. It turned out to be a joke at my expense, as I attended last weeks Citrix iForum Benelux 2009 wearing a ‘Official Dutch VMUG Blogger’ shirt. I got quite a lot of reactions on it. It seemed that the Citrix personnel did not like it at all that the word ‘VMware’ appeared on the shirt. Citrix seems to stick their head firmly in the sand to ignore the market leader on server virtualisation. Well played, Citrix.

Now, back to the meeting. As we all expected, Eric Scoop Sloof has already posted a video of the event. Please visit NTPro.nl to watch Eric’s video. My take on the meeting can be seen in this video:

I’d like to thank everyone involved in organizing the meeting. Dutch VMUG, SUN Microsystems, DHS, Dataman and Dinamiqs, thanks for participating!