Heiko Verlande has found a way to run the VMware vSphere Client on Windows 7. Too bad this howto is in Dutch, many people could benefit from this information. That’s why I’ve create a simplified translation of his post. Find Heiko’s original post here: VMware vSphere client op Windows 7 (build 7127).

Running the vSphere Client on Windows 7

  • Copy System.dll (%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727) from a non-Windows 7 system with Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 installed to the Windows 7 system (or download it from Heiko’s site).
  • Place the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\Lib.
  • Edit the VpxClient.exe.config file (C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher). Add the following:
    <developmentMode developerInstallation="true"/>
  • Add the DEVPATH variable via Control Panel → System → Advanced System Settings → Environment Variables to the User Variables. Reboot after these steps.
    DEVPATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\Lib


A lot of people commented on this post, that even after applying this workaround, the vSphere Client still doesn’t work. Michaelm comments on the problem: please make sure you re-type the quotation marks after copy/pasting above information into VpxClient.exe.config. The quotation marks get screwed up by the layout on the blog.

Secondly, make sure you add the DEVPATH variable to User Variables and reboot afterwards. This will let you run the vSphere Client as a normal user.