After the recent announcement of esXpress version 3.5 (read up on it here), my accountmanager for PHD Virtual products at Sunstream came over to give me the details of the new product. A couple of great new features are implemented in this new release:

  • a fresh new GUI (managable trough a webpage, finally!);
  • a vCenter plugin for management and the backup console;
  • deduplication of all data, not just individual disk files for even greater savings;
  • a multi-user inferface, allowing user to restore their own data;
  • some shifting in their license model, losing the free version, and eliminated the cheapest option.

While most changes were absolutely needed, like the improvements on the GUI and useability, other changes are not so great. Why did they eliminate the free licensing option? A lot of customers loved the fact they could have a DR-solution for free.

The Sunstream accountmanager told me that esXpress will support vSphere with an update to it’s current major release, within a month or two after GA of vSphere. This will bring esXpress up to par with VMware’s software.

He also lifted the shroud on upcoming support for other hypervisors like Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. The next major version is planned to release at the end of 2009, and will include said support. This should also include support for management software like Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager.