WARNING: The following presentation is in Dutch!

My employer, OGD, held its first annual seminar on the tenth of april. This seminar is targeted at internal employees (all 800 of them), and is ment to give new or slightly unexperienced colleagues an insight in what our company has to offer.

One of the presentations called ‘Virtualisatie onder Vuur’, and offered a glimpse of the new virtualization platforms of both VMware (vSphere) and Microsoft (Hyper-V R2). In this duo-presentation, Sander Berkouwer, a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services and myself, vExpert, battled on multiple levels.

We battled as MVP against vExpert, product manager Microsoft against product manager VMware, colleague against colleague, and lastly, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 against VMware vSphere. Of course, we all know who won on all counts :).

Besides informing the attendees about the new features in both products, the presentation needed to be funny, to entertain our collegues. That was a job well done by us, as the crowd didn’t stop laughing all the way through.

You can watch the 50 minute presentation below. Again, I warn you that all of this is in Dutch.

UPDATE: I have updated this post with the information below.

As OGD is an totally independent company that delivers IT-services, we need to maintain an unprecidented view of the virtualization market. That is the main reason that the conclusion of this presenation is that both VMware and Microsoft have a solid virtualization offering. However, this is not my personal opinion. This weblog is, and will always remain independant and unbiased. This means that while I did publish the video of the presentation, I do not necessarily agree with the statements and opinions made.