Together with the guys over at Virtual Future, we headed up to the Veaam Party. Luckily, I got hooked up with a VIP-pass, so standing in line wasn’t necessary. We could just walk the plank and got ourselves a beer. Wait, what? No beer you say? Seems that the Veaam catering hadsome troubles keeping the alcohol flowing.

Hot having received a Flip, I had to rely on the other dutch bloggers like Virtual Future and NTPRO to take some memorable videos of the night. I think they succeeded in filming me at just the wrong time and place, but hey, at least I can say I was there.

Now it’s time to find me that “I’m to ESXi for my shirt” shirt over at Tripwire. Thanks to Virtualkaren and Steve Beaver for reminding me to get one of those, and for inviting me to dinner tonight.

Update: Veeam has uploaded all the pictures to Flickr. Check ’em out!