After a busy weekend, I’ve finally gotten ’round to scribble down some thoughts about the VMUG Event 2008. First of all, I’d like to thank the organisation and my fellow bloggers for their tremendous effort to organize this day so extremely well!

My day began extremely early, well before six o’clock, as I had to travel to Nieuwegein and help out with some final preparations for the day. After unpacking about 600 backpacks filled with some brochures, pens and mints, it was time to welcome the first attendees to the event. In the picture below, I’m handing out a badge to a attendee. In the back the other bloggers are lending a hand too.

You can see a video impression of the day on Vimeo, made by Eric Sloof. Duncan has written up a nice ‘Dutch VMUG Event 2008: the aftermath’ post on his blog.

And finally, the best moment of the day:



I’ve actually won a Sony Playstation Portable! Thanks to CDG, I’m now wasting valuable blogtime playing games! Eric has captured me winning the PSP on video. Watch the video impression (posted above), and skip to about 16m30s, there you’ll see the ‘lovely assistant’ draw my businesscard and me picking up the prize :). Nice touch, the PSP case has the famous ‘I wish I could be a Virtual Machine’ text printed on it.