Sander Berkouwer (a collegue of mine) recently posted about installing MS Hyper-V Server 2008. The screenshots are actually mine, (and are made with VMware Workstation, where the Hyper-V server was installed!) since I was curious about this new and free hypervisor, and installed it on a Dell XPS 420. It took about 15 minutes including configuration, updating and rebooting.

In his blog, he stated:

If Joep Piscaer can do it, I don’t think Eric Horschman would find it too difficult, dry or crunchy…

Check! I must agree with Sander: installing Hyper-V Server ’08 isn’t hard at all. But I feel that the focus on simple installation and configuration (as Eric and Sander have), isn’t right. Does it actually matter how fast any of these hypervisors installs, or how easy it can be configured?

I have a totally different focus on the battle between ESXi and Hyper-V Server: functionality. In my next post, I’ll explain why.